Security Services
Government Security

 Xcel has teamed with the United States government as a partner to provide protective services of personnel, military installations, and critical government facilities. In the ever-changing world of national security, Xcel focuses on high-level security and safety programs that exhibit top-tier customized training and management to exceed government requirements and expectations. As an American-owned security firm, Xcel provides armed and unarmed guards, alarm and video monitors, roving patrols and armed waterborne patrol to DoD agencies including Department of Navy, Department of Air Force, Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, Bureau of Reclamation, and Department of Labor.

Commercial Security

Xcel provides security to the commercial industry including oil refineries, commercial buildings and company events. Services include entry and exit control, roving patrols, escorts, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, emergency dispatch of fire and emergency personnel, safety orientations and maintenance of entry control systems to include badging. Xcel officers are required to maintain security within and around the premises while providing a friendly face to visitors and customers. Providing security is not just the physical protection a property, it's also the protection of visitors and customers at a site. We are often the first impression when visitors arrive and acknowledge our value and role in that. 

Residential Security

The threat to a client's residence or place of business from criminals, terrorists, activists and the mentally ill is increasing. When there is a possibility of robbery, vandalism, attack, kidnapping or even assassination, protection from a professional residential security team is vital. Xcel Protective services specializes in residential protection through the deployment of highly trained personnel to remove threat to property and protect the principal in all situations. This allows the principal, their family, and their staff to relax without the worry of their own personal safety.

Why Xcel?

Backed by years of experience in law enforcement and government security, Xcel provides multiple layers of managerial support for our clients.  Whether it is our highly experienced field management team, corporate support, or direct involvement with our CEO, John Morgan, we strive to continually provide service and training that exceeds expectations with each client.    

Our team, committed to unwavering compliance, cooperation and communication has allowed us to manage diverse operations over the past several years.   This hands on approach by management positions us to identify, and prevent gaps and potential problems and resolve them expeditiously.