About Us
Company History

Founded in 1997, Xcel (formerly Basic Contracting Services, Inc BCSi) has provided security and facility support services across the United States. Backed by years of experience in these industries, Mr. Morgan and the Xcel team of professionals committed the necessary expertise and financial resources establishing what started as a small business and quickly grew into a business competing with multi-billion dollar organizations. The "boutique" mentality of customizing operations to support each client led the way to years of success and the reputation as a leader in the industry. Xcel leadership embodies the mission of providing unparalleled training, compliance and security to government and commercial clients nationwide. Mr. Morgan’s hands on approach give our customers peace of mind that larger corporations can't always provide. The commitment to exceeding expectations is the foundation Xcel is built upon. John Morgan welcomes the opportunity to discuss security services Xcel can provide to protect the personnel, property and other assets in your business.